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Hello, fellow members of "Mentally Insane" [MADD]! 

We've gotten a test voice server! Please, go to "" and download the client! (Don't worry if it says 32-bit. I downloaded that version on a 64-bit and it works fine.) Let me know when you've done this and I'll put you on the server! 

A bit of history about the guild

Originally this guild was called "Mental Health" in Guild Wars 1 and also at the beginning of Guild Wars 2. Due to technical problems with the guild system in GW2, as guild leader, my permissions were not correct, I couldn't change or do anything. So, as far as I know, since I stood down from the guild leader position, the other member has taken command of "Mental Health". Well, now we know why it's called "Mentally Insane", but why did I start fresh with guild members? I recently went back to GW1 to see anyone who was in the guild and to tell them to come on over. Unfortunately, no members had been on for at least 2 weeks, but I did put up a new guild message. Until they see that and come over we're stuck with each-other and with the challenge of building us up ;) (Shouldn't be a problem, should it?)

Guild Info

If you haven't seen I recently made the decision to spend our earned influence on a new Guild Emblem. You can see this in game by pressing the "G" key to go to the guild menu, or you can go to the gallery section of this website! Hopefully, if everything works out with you guys coming to the site often, there will be a poll of what to purchase every time we have enough for a guild upgrade. 


Although they may change throughout our time together, what I've come up is as follows in order from highest to lowest: 


I am not 100% sure, but I think regular guild members can see the privileges of each in-game. 

Promotion will be based around: 

    1) How often are you online? 
    2) Are you friendly, and helpful to other guild members and everyone in general? 
    3) Your interests. (Let me know what you final goal is in the guild)
    4) Do you stand out, do you help our influence and be a guild player? 
    5) Do you recruit? (Privates and Corporals, if you find someone you'd like to recruit, tell a Segeant or above and they will let me know if I'm not around at the time. Don't worry! It WILL be noted!) 

Hopefully we all have a good time together playing Guild Wars 2! Our achievement is to be friendly, helpful, and useful to the guild! I'm not limiting to the guild to anything (EX: PvP or WvW) We will do WHATEVER you want, just let me know and I'll put it in the calendar section of the website! 

    Thanks guys!
               ~War Creator (Chris)


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War Creator, Sep 22, 12 8:35 PM.
Congratulations Sir Gumples for the promotion to Sergeant! 
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